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Consultation on Scientific Review for the upcoming WHO Environmental Health Criteria

2019-05-10T20:42:12-07:00December 16th, 2014|

The BioInitiative Working Group will reserve comment at this time on the partially completed health risk assessment of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields. For serious effort to be expended, the draft must contain a summary, health risk assessment and protective measures in addition to science chapters alone.  >> DOWNLOAD PDF

The WHO process has been flawed by partitioning off key sections, undercutting meaningful review. This issue is of global public health importance. Scientific and public health reviewers, as well as with many in the public domain care deeply about this
issue. It is essential that the process meets minimal criteria for conduct, which have been lacking to date. To improve credibility of the process, the BIWG urges you to provide a complete draft document in 2015 and allow for a second round of comment with sufficient time for review, holding open the comment period for scientific content. Respectfully submitted on behalf of the BioInitiative Working Group by:

Cindy Sage, MA

David O. Carpenter, MD, USA

Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD, Sweden
Yury Grigoriev, MD, Russia
Igor Belyaev, Dr. Sci., Slovak Republic
Zoreh Davanipour, DVM, PhD, USA
Adamantia Fragopoulou, PhD, Greece
Eugene Sobel, PhD, USA
Lukas Margaritis, PhD, Greece
Carl Blackman, USA
Henry Lai, PhD, USA

Contributing Authors of the the 2007 and 2012 BioInitiative Working Groups
Bellieni, MD, Italy
Igor Belyaev, Dr.Sc., Slovak Republic
Carl F. Blackman, PhD, USA
Martin Blank, PhD, USA
Michael Carlberg, MSc, Sweden
David O Carpenter, MD, USA
Zoreh Davanipour, DVM, PhD USA
Adamantia F. Fragopoulou, PhD, Greece
David Gee, Denmark
Yuri Grigoriev, MD, Russia
Kjell Hansson Mild, PhD, Sweden
Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD, Sweden
Martha Herbert, PhD, MD, USA
Paul Héroux, PhD, Canada
Michael Kundi, PhD, Austria
Henry Lai, PhD, USA
Ying Li, PhD, Canada
Abraham R. Liboff, PhD, USA
Lukas H. Margaritis, PhD, Greece
Henrietta Nittby, MD, PhD, Sweden
Gerd Oberfeld, MD, Austria
Bertil R. Persson, PhD, MD, Sweden
Iole Pinto, PhD, Italy
Paulraj Rajamani, PhD, India
Cindy Sage, MA, USA
Leif Salford, MD, PhD, Sweden
Eugene Sobel, PhD, USA
Amy Thomsen, MPH, MSPAS, USA